There are so many experiences to indulge in while in Santorini; experiences you can live only as you sail along the caldera or as you enjoy the sunset during a horseback riding experience. You can toast with a glass of Santorini wine and discover the reasons that make Santorini’s beauty so special as you visit the volcano.


Sailing in Santorini

Feel Free in the Aegean Sea

Sailing the deep blue waters of the island’s coastline and marvelling at the imposing caldera is an experience not to be missed when in Santorini. It will fill you with images you will never forget and strong emotions. There are plenty of sailing options available; be it a cruise on a traditional boat or a modern catamaran, a daytime or sunset experience, our Guest's Satisfaction Team has the best proposals for the top activities in Santorini.


Wine Tasting

Volcanic Drops of Taste

The unique flavour of Santorini wines is attributable to the unique and ancient vines of the island, which, unlike other vineyards across Europe, were never affected by the spread of grape phylloxera. The wine produced here is, thus, rich in a distinctive taste that reveals in every sip the volcanic heritage of the island. Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani are the main regional grape varieties and the world-famous Vinsanto is the signature wine of the island. You can enjoy Santorini wines at the restaurant and bars of North Santorini or let us arrange a wine tasting experience, just for you, in a Santorini winery.

Out & Around

On Land Adventures

Ride on the Wild Side

The village of Pyrgos can be the starting point of a hiking adventure in Santorini. From here, you can walk up to the Monastery of Prophet Elias, which boasts amazing views, head to the village of Emporio or the capital Fira. Santorini’s landscape will enchant you. For more strong experiences, why not try a horseback riding experience by the sea or the hinterland to enjoy the scenery and the beauty of the island? Our Guest's Satisfaction Team is always at your disposal to provide any further details and information needed.


Volcano Santorini

Nature’s Fierce of Beauty

Santorini owes its unique beauty to the volcanic eruption of 1.600BC. A massive explosion sank the land of the circular island (Santorini used to be called Stroggili, meaning circular) and created the caldera of Santorini. Today, the Palia and Nea Kameni islets form the volcanic complex of Santorini and are accessible by boat, while a hiking tour is a must if you are craving to enjoy their otherworldly beauty to the fullest. To make the most of this very special experience, don’t miss out on a rejuvenating dive at the hot springs. Are you eager to discover it all? The Guest's Satisfaction Team of North Santorini will provide you with all the details to arrange a memorable day trip.