ʻĀkau Restaurant

ʻĀkau Restaurant

The main restaurant of North Santorini is a gastronomic destination for Santorini. The soothing allure, the views to the Santorini’s caldera and the island’s east side and the Nikkei Cuisine make ʻĀkau Restaurant more than just an experience, but a pleasure for all your senses.

ʻĀkau Restaurant

North Santrorini- A Luxury Spa Hotel in Pyrgos, Santorini steps out of your usual gastronomic box by offering a fine Nikkei Cuisine dining experience in Akau Restaurant. Inspired by the Peruvian and Japanese cuisines and influenced by the gastronomic heritage in Santorini, at Akau Restaurant you will enjoy a menu with tastes bursting with creativity, refined materials and culinary love.

Nikkei Cuisine in Santorini

The Gastronomy of Santorini and the World

ʻĀkau Restaurant

George Xynos

Meet our Executive Chef

Executive Chef George Xynos began his career back in 1997 and worked with renowned Greek chefs in hotels and restaurants of Athens. He also worked in London at a Michelin-starred restaurant, while for the past 8 years he is working in Santorini as an executive chef in luxury hotels and famous restaurants. North Hotel proudly presents a series of dishes inspired by Nikkei cuisine at Akau Restaurant.

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